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Xynotech is a leading provider of innovative IT solutions for businesses of all sizes. Founded in 2014, we have over 9 years of experience delivering customized software design and development services to clients across various industries.

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An AI powered chatbot that understands your questions and converse as if a human. Learns all the time, maturing just like humans do CONVERSO offers Conversational AI chatbot service that use generative AI with enhanced prompt engineering to provide quick & precise answers. Transform your customer support with Converso’s artificial intelligence today.

Facial recognition for security intelligence on Android devices & smart glasses. Advanced deep learning algorithms, data augmentation & optimized neural network-based recognition. Train it using images or a live feed from any camera.
An augmented reality solution for inspection and assistance. Opening new opportunities and experiences with AI connectivity, virtual reality, superior mobile augmented reality and video streaming.
The go-to website to find popular travel destinations in Pakistan. Search for a trip destination and comment on your travel experiences, learning from advice posted by others.

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